Rolling Stones Mick & Keith
Former Lead Singer of the J. Geils Band, Peter Wolf
Bond's Goldfinger villain actor Gert Frobe
SNL's Rachel Dratch
Cannonball Run's Burt Reynolds
Taxi's Christopher Lloyd
European Central Bank President Christine Legarde
Steve Harvey in the remake of Jimmy Stewart's "Harvey"
Bluesman Muddy Waters
Muddy Waters Art Process
Irish Actor Brendan Gleeson
The Cast of TV's What We Do In The Shadows
Alan Rickman as Harry Potter's Snape
The Eagles' Joe Walsh
Heather Graham
MASH's Hawkeye Alan Alda
60's Radical Icon Angela Davis
Singer Etta James
Hamilton's Daveed Diggs
Dave Bautista, Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy
Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters
Singer Mary J. Blige
Anthony Hopkins in Howards End
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